Below is a selection of links you might find helpful. Please let us know of any broken links.


                Anatomy Atlases
                        A digital library of anatomy information
                Digital Anatomist (University of Washington)
                        Dept of Biological Structure, on-line interactive atlases
                The Southern California Orthopedic Institute
                        Information on anatomy, sports injuries and orthopedic procedures
                Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics
                        Excellent: includes clickable image map

        Biomechanical and Bioengineering
                BioMechanics Magazine
                Clinical Gait Analysis
                        Forum for the discussion of clinical gait analysis: technical aspects,clinical cases and new developments, and web links
                International Society of Biomechanics
                        Information about the ISB, biomechanical software and data contributed by members
                Northern Arizona University
                        Department of Physical Therapy, Gait Research Laboratory
                        Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
                Shoulder Prosthetics, A Clinical and Technical Guide
                University of Virginia KCRC Gait Lab
                        Gait Lab Equipment

        Medical and Rehabilitation
                American Diabetes Association
                        Foot Care in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus
                Amputee Coalition of America
                Doctor's Guide
                        Diabetes and effective amputation prevention
                Hand Transplant
                        University of Louisville Health Sciences Center
                Medical Matrix
                        Free directory of selected medical sites on the Internet
                Transfemoral Prosthetics (Above Knee)
                What is Scoliosis?
                        Southern California Orthopedic Institute

        Therapy: Occupational, Physical
                        Occupational therapy web links
                Scoliosis Treatment
                        Scoliosis Research Institute

        Orthotics and Prosthetics

Information Sources

        Data Banks
                (NERSP) Northeast Regional Data Center - US
                (RECAL) National centre for training and education in prosthetics
                        P&O Information Database - UK
                        The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research - U.S. Department of Education
                National Library of Medicine (US)
                NHS Direct Online (National Health Service - UK)
                        Health information, stats and advice
                UnCover database (subscription)
                        Contains records describing journals and their contents. 3000+ current citations are added daily

                (BMJ) British Medical Journal
                Bandolier Journal
                Journal of Biomechanics
                        Full-text access to current and past journal articles
                Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics
                        The JPO Online Library contains all issues dating back to its inception in 1989. It is presented by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists for clinicians worldwide.


        Medical Search Tools
                CliniWeb International
                Health on the Net
                Medical Publications (US)
                Medical World Search
                        Subscription fee required
                National Center for Biotechnology Information (US)
                        NCBI creates public databases and conducts research in computational biology
                        Internet resources in health and medicine
                Yahoo Health

        Online Networks
                O&P Digital Technologies
                        Overview and listings of Orthopaedic and Prosthetic products and services
                Orthopaedic Web Links
                        Comprehensive directory of orthopedics, orthopedic surgery & trauma. Search for orthopaedic surgeons, implants, equipment and resources on arthritis, back pain, broken bones, and all other orthopaedic conditions.
                The Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Network
                        Links to many interesting podiatry-related websites
                Yahoo Sports Medicine Interest Group

                NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (The University of York)
                O&P Research
                Orthopaedic Research Society
                        The purposes of the ORS are to promote, support, develop and encourage research in orthopaedic surgery, musculoskeletal diseases, musculoskeletal injuries and related disciplines
                REHAB Tech, Australia
                        Research and Development Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Monash University
                The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Canada)
                        The Institute is a research body within the University of New Brunswick

        Search Engines
                Ask Jeeves

        Teaching Resources
                (THPRC) The Health Professionals Resource Center
                        Occupational and physical therapy resources
                Teach-in Experiments
                        Designed to demonstrate some interesting discovery

For End Users

        General Interest
                        Information on Assistive Technology
                Access Unlimited (NY)
                        Vehicles for People with Disabilities
                Amputee Online
                        Online resource for amputees
                BBC Health
                Disability UK Website
                        Information portal and community
                FootTalk (Calgary Foot Clinic)
                        information about Podiatry and foot disorders
                Limbless Association
                        Provides information and advice
                National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (Oklahoma State University)
                        Provides a wide variety of disability related training resources to those serving persons with disabilities
                NICHCY (US)
                        Information center for children and youth with disabilities
                REACH The Association for Children with Hand or Arm Deficiency (UK)
                        REACH provides information and support to families with children who have hand or arm deficiencies